Background Information 

One of the five Northern Ireland Executive priorities contained within the Programme for Government (PfG) (2011-15) is to build a strong and shared community. Within that priority there is a particular focus on building better relations between communities.

The Delivering Social Change (DSC) framework was established by the Executive to tackle poverty and social exclusion. It promotes a new level of joined-up working by Ministers and senior officials across Executive departments to drive through interventions which have a genuine impact on the ground. The framework aims to deliver a reduction in poverty and associated issues across all ages and to improve children and young people's health, well-being and life opportunities thereby breaking the long term cycle of multi-generational problems.

The Shared Education Signature Project has been created under this framework to contribute to the PfG commitments and receives funding from OFMdFM (£10m), Atlantic Philanthropies (AP) (£10m) and DE (£5m) over a 4 year period.

The overall aim of the project is to scale up the level of sharing throughout schools in Northern Ireland. It can provide financial support to improve the educational and reconciliation outcomes in schools working collaboratively. The programme is open to all schools who have some experience of working in a cross-community partnership with other schools.

The Education Authority has been given responsibility for taking forward implementation of the Shared Education Signature Project.

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